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Tournament Reminder

Hey Everyone! Another weekly reminder of our weekly tournaments for mtg this week. Our tournament schedule goes as follows: -Tuesdays - Standard $5 entry, 5pm Standard showdown is back! 1st place will receive a showdown pack and the other 2 will be raffled off! X-1 records will receive prize support -Thursdays - Modern $5 entry, 5pm X-1 records will receive prize support -Fridays - Draft $12 entry, 6pm Pack per win PSA We tend to pack out on Fridays but you can reserve your spot for the draft. You must pay in full via walk in, credit card, store credit, or pay pal over the phone to guarantee your seat. -Saturday - Draft 1pm Pack Per win Remember on Wednesdays we have a special for CFV and YGO: - Spend $10 or more on Yu-Gi-Oh products and supplies you get a free pack of your choice (limit 1 per customer) - When you buy any sealed or single product for CFV you you get a promo as well! (While supplies last)

New MTG and YGO in Stock!

Commander 2018 and YGO Powercode Link decks AND singles are available now! Stop by and pick them up!

Celestial Storm is here!

New pokemon set released today! Come pick up your boxes and packs today!

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