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In-Store Rewards System

Every $100 spent**, accumulatively, in-store or online (in-store pickup only), you will receive a $5 coupon via Five Star!

*Coupons never expire*

*Coupon be used on anything in the store except for tournament entry, pre-order/release weekend items, or specially marked items*

*Minimum purchase of $20 (or 400% of the coupon's value) is required to use the coupon*

*Maximum of one coupon (up to $25 off) can be used per day*

*Coupons can NOT be used on the website.  Only at our store location, 5002 Freeport Blvd*

*Coupons and Store Credit can not be converted/transferred into cash*

**$100 spent, not including coupons or sale items**



Tournaments/Tables Policies

Tournament Policies

  • We take signups for each event (except for Pre-Release Events)  on the day the event is taking place.
  • We take signups for Pre-Release events on the Thursday of that week. 
  • All entries must be paid in full to reserve their spot in the event. 
  • Signups can be done in our store or over the phone.  Emails, Facebook Messagers, Instigram messagers, etc. will be used for sign ups.
  • We allow a 15 minute grace period after we start the event for late players (there is no time extension and there can be a game loss).
  • Prize support can not be exchanged/modified from the original prize support stated on our website.
  • All Entries must follow all House Rules and Guidelines in order to participate and continie participating in the event.


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