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G-LD03: The Blaster “Aichi Sendou”

G-LD03: The Blaster “Aichi Sendou”

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The third in the highly popular Legend Deck series has descended!

This time, 《Royal Paladin》 units that Aichi Sendou has been using will be featured with all new abilities!

As a complete deck with powerful units and attractive new illustrations, and additional items compared to the standard Trial Deck, [The Blaster "Aichi Sendou"] is the perfect pre-constructed deck set for both new and veteran players alike!! Also, stand a chance to receive 1 hot stamp card randomly inserted into decks!!

Are you ready to bring back the deck of a Legend?



Popular units used by Aichi Sendou gets new abilities with their new evolution

These units include:

  • Blaster Blade Exceed
  • Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver
  • Little Tactician, Marron
  • Hero of Silence, Gallatin
  • Bringer of Divine Grace, Epona
  • Great Flash, Iseult
More items than the previous Legend Deck!


  • 4 copies of required cards
  • 2 copies of the G guardian


Product Specification

Featured Clan Royal Paladin
Card Types 18 types of cards
including 3 G cards
  • 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 58 pre-set cards(50 card deck + 8 G cards)
  • 1 display contains 6 decks
  • Starter’s Guide
  • Special “Aichi Sendou” Deck Case (Folded)
  • Special “Aichi Sendou” Fighter’s Counter
  • Special “Aichi Sendou” Clan Card
  • 2 Special PR cards (“Holy Dragon, Religious Soul Saver”/Reissue, non-holo)
  • Paper Playmat
Release Date May 26 (Friday), 2017

Extra Info

Extra info coming soon for this product.